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All Japan Dance Track Association
  • The promotion video has been released.

    ■ Promotion video (Japanese)


    ■ Promotion video(English)

  • November 4th (Mon / Close) Fuchu performance is held!

    Over 15 years in Tokyo, over a year, the overall performance, including video and music, transformed the limited truck bed space into an integrated device with body / light / sound. DANCE TRUCK TOKYO changes the urban landscape. The last performance in 2019 is Fuchu! One of the scenery that represents Fuchu on the approach to Daikoku Shrine. The event will be held in the center of the city with commercial facilities along the road.

  • October 26th (Sat) and 27th (Sun) Shibuya performance will be held!

    It will be held for two nights in Shibuya!
    Held in a vacant lot along Shibuya Koen-dori, where building reconstruction is planned. The performers who color the urban space that symbolizes the metabolism of large cities appear daily for two days. looking forward to!

  • [Notice of cancellation] 10/12 "DANCE TRUCK TOKYO" Sabae performance

    Unfortunately, due to the impact of Typhoon No. 19, the DANCE TRUCK TOKYO Sabae performance scheduled to be held on Saturday, October 12 at the Tamagawa Riverbed has unfortunately been canceled for both the pre-performance and the main performance. Thank you for your understanding.

  • September 22 (Sun) “DANCE TRUCK TOKYO” Adachi Market Performance

    The Adachi market performance on Sunday, September 22 is a rainy day. There is a possibility of cancellation in case of stormy weather. SNS of “DANCE TRUCK TOKYO” (TwitterFacebook)

  • The performance starts today!

    [Shinjuku performance time schedule]
    Wait for everyone! DANCE TRUCK TOKYO Shinjuku performance is finally tonight. We will tell you the time schedule in order of appearance.

  • [Performer recruitment]

    DANCE TRUCK TOKYO is looking for performers to appear in 10 performances scheduled for 2020. I would like to have an opportunity to meet young talents who develop not only dance but also music, theatre, art, and other performances that make use of the minimal space of the track. Application deadline is September 10th!

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