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World Performing Arts Festival 2020
Japan Folk Performing Arts Association
  • Announcement of cancellation

    Regarding the “World Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival 2020” scheduled to be held on April 18 (Sat) and 19 (Sun), travel restrictions in each country will be considered in view of the current state of the worldwide spread of new coronavirus infections. After considering the situation and the response policy of Tokyo, etc., we decided to cancel the performance.
    Many of the performers scheduled to be invited this time are from foreign countries, and it is expected that difficulties will occur when entering and leaving Japan. Also, considering the safety and health of all visitors, we have come to a decision to cancel the event, which is a shame.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Detail isPress releasePlease refer to the.

  • Acceptance of viewing application starts on Saturday, February 1!

    A rare opportunity to see the world's folk arts in one place in Tokyo! At the "World Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival 2020" to be held at Hibiya Park on 4/18 (Sat) and 4/19 (Sun), there will be 6 ethnic performing arts groups from 6 countries on 5 continents, including the world's first performing arts, A total of 10 organizations from Japan, Tohoku and Tokyo, will perform the folk arts that have been handed down over time for two days. Admission is free, but the “Yonon Stage,” where the performing groups are on the line, requires a pre-registration application and has started accepting! (If there are many entries, lottery)

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