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World Performing Arts Festival 2020
Japan Folk Performing Arts Association

Acceptance of viewing application starts on Saturday, February 1!

A rare opportunity to see the world's folk arts in one place in Tokyo! At the "World Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival 2020" to be held at Hibiya Park on 4/18 (Sat) and 4/19 (Sun), there will be 6 ethnic performing arts groups from 6 countries on 5 continents, including the world's first performing arts, A total of 10 organizations from Japan, Tohoku and Tokyo, will perform the folk arts that have been handed down over time for two days. Admission is free, but the “Yonon Stage,” where the performing groups are on the line, requires a pre-registration application and has started accepting! (If there are many entries, lottery)

▶ How to apply:
Please apply for a return postcard or from the official website.
◎ Application period: February 1 (Sat)-March 16 (Mon) 23:59

[WEB application form]:

[Round trip postcard] * 3/16 must arrive
The representative on the outgoing side,
①Name (Furigana)
②Postal code / address
③ Phone number or email address
④ Desired date (A: 4/18 B: Specify either 4/19.)
⑤ Desired number of people (up to 2 per copy. 1 preschool child.)
⑥ Gender (optional)
⑦Occupation (optional)
, And write the postal code / address and name of the representative in the table on the reply side,
4-3-6-206 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
To the Secretariat of the World Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival 2020
Apply for

* After the application deadline, we will notify you by the end of March, regardless of whether you have missed the application.
* Seats (2,300) are unreserved.
* If you would like a wheelchair seat, please specify so. Please come with your companion if necessary.
* Same-day tickets (standing) available. Details will be announced on the official website at a later date.
* The personal information provided will only be used for [mé] management of the festival.

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