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Announcement of "Face Report Meeting" tomorrow, September 5th (Sun)!

At Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13 "Masayume", we will hold a "face report meeting" to look back on the project live.

"Masayume" attracted a great deal of attention with the appearance of a "mysterious" scene in Yoyogi Park in July and Sumida Park in August with a huge face in the sky.
At the "face briefing session", we looked back on the project that took about three years to emerge, what "Masayume" tried, the intention that we carried out without giving details, and what we felt now that the face had emerged. We will talk about what we are thinking and what we are thinking, centered on the three members of the contemporary art team [mé] [mé] who planned the project. Please look forward to it.

Date: September 5, 2021 (Sun) 14: 00-17: 00 (planned)
Cast: [mé] [mé] Haruka Kojin (artist), Kenji Minamikawa (director), Hirofumi Masui (installer), etc.
How to watch: "Masayume" official YouTube channel ( Live streaming
Viewing fee: Free
Official website:

* The contents of the program are subject to change.
* The archive of "Face Report Meeting" will not remain.

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