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  • Talk session series report released

  • 4/14 (Tue) 3rd consecutive talk session!

  • 4/12 (Sun) 2nd consecutive talk session will be held!

  • 4/11 (Sat.) First Consecutive Talk Session!

  • An interview article was published in the magazine "anan".

    An interview article was published in the magazine "anan" released on March 18.
    [mé] and [mé] talk about the background behind the application and their thoughts in the project.
    the article is,WEB siteBut you can read.

  • All 3 talk sessions series live distribution decision

    “Masayume” is a related program that will include a series of three talk sessions with the contemporary art team [mé] [mé] and guests.

  • An interview article was published in "ART NEWS TOKYO".

    An interview article about [me ́] [me ́] was published in the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, “ART NEWS TOKYO”.

  • June 27 (Thu), 28 (Fri), 29 (Sat) Face Collecting Workshop

    June 27 (Thu) Face Collection Workshop in “Maruji Store in Sugamo”
    Finally the face offer is also the last week! We will hold face collection workshops at various locations in Tokyo for four consecutive days from today. First of all, we are infested with the origin of the red pants “Sugamo no Maruji” located in the Sugamo Jizo-dori shopping district! We look forward to seeing you there.

  • June 30 (Sun)Face Collecting Workshop in “open MUJI GINZA”

    A workshop will be held at Open MUJI (MUJI GINZA 4F) where you can shoot from face to apply. After talking about the project from the artist, the staff will also take photos, so you can come and go. Why don't you join with your family and friends in an art project that creates a Tokyo landscape in 2020?

  • June 19 (Wednesday) Face Collecting Workshop in “Tokyo Metropolitan Government”

    A face collection workshop will be held on the 2nd floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office 1st Main Office Building and near the central area atrium. In the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, there is an observation room with a panoramic view of Tokyo and a lush green park. Please stop by by all means during sightseeing in central Tokyo!

  • June 23 (Sun) Participating Public Meeting "Face Meeting" held!

    We will hold a participatory open meeting "Face Meeting" to find clues for selecting candidates to be floated from "Faces" gathered so far. Why do you bring a "face"? What kind of "face" should be chosen?
    Thorough discussion from the meaning and essence of the project with the planning artist and guests

  • June 15th (Sat) / 16th (Sun) Face Collection Workshop in "Tokyo Bunka Kaikan"

    A face collection workshop will be held at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, just outside JR Ueno Station / park ticket gate! Take a walk to Ueno Zoo, concerts and art exhibitions along with the walk around Ueno.

  • June 1 (Sat), 2 (Sun) Face Collecting Workshop in "Edo Tokyo Museum"

    A face collection workshop will be held at the Edo-Tokyo Museum, close to the Kokugikan in both countries. Please take a walk to the permanent exhibitions and planning exhibitions while taking a walk through the town where the taste remains.

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