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Pavilion Tokyo 2021
Pavilion Tokyo 2021 Executive Committee (Watarium Art Museum)
  • August 8 (Sun) Regarding the cancellation of some pavilion exhibitions

    The exhibition status of each pavilion on 8/8 (Sun) due to the influence of typhoons 9 and 10 is as follows.
    ■ "Cloud pavilion" near Yoyogi Park Panorama Square: Exhibition canceled
    ■ Other pavilions: We will inform you about the opening availability around 9:00 on 8/8 (Sun).

    ▶ 9:00 Additional information

    The exhibition status of each pavilion on 8/8 (Sun) due to the influence of typhoons 9 and 10 is as follows.
    ■ Yoyogi Park "Cloud pavilion #Sou Fujimoto": Exhibition canceled
    ■ "Global Bowl #Akihisa Hirata" "Street Garden Theater #Teppei Fujiwara": Open as soon as the weather recovers
    ■ Other pavilions: Normally open

  • Tomorrow 7/27: Cloud pavilion exhibition cancellation notice

    The exhibition of Cloud pavilion on 7/27 (Tuesday) will be canceled due to the influence of Typhoon No. 8. The exhibition may be resumed depending on the weather conditions, so we will inform you when it is resumed.
    Design: Sou Fujimoto
    Venue: Near Yoyogi Park Panorama Square
    (From Yoyogi Kamizonocho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Shennan 2-chome [mé] Yoyogi Park <Harajuku Gate>)

  • "Kokage-gumo" will be released from July 6th

    "Kokage-gumo" (designed by Junya Ishigami) will be released tomorrow, July 6th (Tuesday) from 10:00.
    For more information on the pavilionHerePlease confirm.

  • About advance reservation of some pavilions

    Fujimori Terushin Tea Room "Goan"

    Admission to the inside of the tea room "Goan" is "same-day reservation system" for all dates.
    Please note that the reception place for same-day reservations is the "Watarium Art Museum 1st floor counter".
    Reservations are not accepted at the venue of the tea room "Goan".
    ・ We accept applications from 10:20 to 17:00 on the day of the event. Please note that the reception will be on the day only.
    ・ One person can make a reservation for up to two people (same time frame).
    ・ It will be replaced every 30 minutes per frame. (Including replacement time.)
    ・ The numbered tickets will end as soon as they run out. note that.

    Watarium Art Museum: 3-7-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
    (Inquiry response time: 11: 00-19: 00, excluding Mondays)

    Kazuyo Sejima "Suimei"

    To visit "Suimei", you need to make a reservation in advance to enter the Hamarikyu Gardens. (As of June 25, 2021)
    For details on how to make reservations and admission, and for the latest information, please see the Hamarikyu Gardens official website.
    * Admission to Hamarikyu Gardens is required for the tour.

    Yayoi Kusama "Obliteration Room"

    Advance reservations are required for internal admission to the Obliteration Room. From June 28th, reservations will start on the ArtSticker dedicated site.
    Click here for details and reservations
    Reservations for the following week will start every Monday at 12:00.
    (Reservations start on 6/28 (Monday) for 7 / 1-10 minutes)

  • Related event "Pavilion Tokyo 2021 Exhibition at Watarium Art Museum" now being held

    The event will be held with the aim of [mé] getting to know "Pavilion Tokyo 2021" more deeply, having fun, and having many people visit. In the exhibition room, the process of creating the pavilion by seven creators, sketches and drawings, models, materials actually used, etc. will be exhibited. In addition to videos that talk about the concept of each pavilion, there will also be a <special chronology> that conveys the activities and works of the seven creators, as well as documents and videos (video production: Kensaku Kakimoto). Please come visit us.

  • Pavilion venue details announced and Daito Manabe + Rhizomatiks special participation decision

    Details of the pavilion venue, including 6 additional locations, have been announced.
    Special participation of Daito Manabe + Rhizomatiks has been decided.
    The related event "Pavilion Tokyo 2021 Exhibition at Watarium Art Museum" will be held.

    Detail isPress releasePlease refer to the.

  • We would like to inform you about the production report of the Terunobu Fujimori Design Pavilion.

    The production is proceeding smoothly, and in February, work was done to produce Yakisugi on the outer wall of the tea room. Sugi wood is baked and carbonized to produce a weather-resistant and durable black board. Please look forward to the mysterious tea room that will appear near the New National Stadium in July 2021.

    Detail isHere

  • We are looking for part-time and volunteer staff.

    We are looking for part-time staff "Pavilion Leader" and "Pavilion Trainer" and volunteer staff "Pavilion Guide" who will welcome customers and convey the charm of the work and play a central role in management.

  • An interview article was published in the magazine "Kunel".

    An interview article was published in the magazine "Kunel" released on March 20. Toshiko Wata, the architect, architectural historian, and architect Terunobu Fujimori talk about the thoughts put into the project.
    the article is,WEB siteBut you can read!

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