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Pavilion Tokyo 2020
Pavilion Tokyo 2020 Executive Committee (Watari Museum)

We are looking for part-time and volunteer staff.

We are looking for part-time staff "Pavilion Leader" and "Pavilion Trainer" and volunteer staff "Pavilion Guide" who will welcome customers and convey the charm of the work and play a central role in management.Pavilion Tokyo 2020 is a project to be created together with everyone living in Tokyo. Each pavilion contains the wishes of architects and artists for the future of Tokyo. In the summer of 2021, why don't you share the charm of Japanese culture that is still unknown and think about the future of Tokyo together?

● Recruitment of part-time staff "Pavilion Leader" & "Pavilion Trainer"HereFrom
● Recruitment of volunteer staff "Pavilion Guide"HereFrom

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