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SUMIDA RIVER|Storm and Urge

Recruitment of supporters for the “Sumida River Angry Wave” Spring Session!

“Sumita River Raging Wave” is a music and art festival that develops in 2020, with about 10 km of the waterside of the Sumida River as one stage. The `` Spring '' and `` Summer '' in 2020, when the Olympic Games will be held, will present the artists, children and children who represent Japan, the people who live in the area around the Sumida River with foreigners living in Japan, music, performances and installations. Expand twice. We will recruit a total of 300 people who will be working together as a supporter through preparations before the exhibition, management during the exhibition, and management support for each program. Why don't you create a time and space that you have never experienced before? We look forward to the participation of many people.

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